Thursday, October 22, 2009

False News. Fox Liar Updates. Faux Nose. “We Lie, You Act On It.”

The latest BS from Fox “News” really gets my goat—but maybe that’s what they’re trying to do. Fox’s “reporting” that the Obama White House has an “enemies list” (just like the Nixon Administration) is almost bad as their constant references to Socialism, Marxism, and Communism. To Compare Obama’s refusal to be “interviewed” by Fox to Nixon’s infamous “enemies list” is purely deceitful and intentionally and knowingly designed to subvert the President and his political agenda. Nixon really did have an enemies list, and he and his staff utilized criminal activities, lies, slander, and extra-constitutional powers to destroy or undermine them. Obama’s refusal to go on Fox does not resemble Nixon’s behavior in the least! Fox is intent on whipping up anti-Obama fervor with any means available to them. That is certainly their right as a private organization, but they should at least be held to a standard of telling the truth if they are going to pretend to be a News organization. Unfortunately, they continue to get away with blatant lies and intentional mischaracterizations.

Fox’s (non-cable) license(s) to broadcast are controlled by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which has the power to set standards and revoke abusers. Broadcasters are forbidden to use a certain seven words made famous by Lenny Bruce, but apparently they can get away with any kind of seditious lie about the President of the United States. This seems to me like a double standard. And it seems to me that truth in reporting is a good deal more important than prosecuting for Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction or the use of the “F” word.

The FCC has the power to regulate this sort of thing. Why isn’t it doing its job to ensure that reporting is truly “fair and balanced”? When public opinion is shaped by lies, what hope is there for Democracy?